Remote School Papua Foundation

Remote School Papua Foundation

‘ Remote School Papua’ is a foundation that has existed since March 1, 2018.

The purpose of the foundation is:

  1. Promoting, supporting, developing and disseminating knowledge of and about indigenous peoples, nature and cultures of the province of Papua Indonesia;
  2. Collaborating with local communities and organisations that pursue the same goal, e.g. by implementing and disseminating teaching methods, education, multilingual and/or native language based education, purchasing educational resources and educational support resources (books, digital learning resources, tablets, apps , solar panels, lighting, ICT applications, technological, ecological and agricultural sustainable technology and other applications);
  3. Collect money to realize the above points (1 and 2), the foundation explicitly does not aim to make a profit. The foundation is committed to the interests of a specific target group, namely the indigenous peoples of the province of Papua and West Papua in Indonesia.

The board of the Remote School Papua Foundation consists of 4 board members.

  • Chairman: W.H.J. Derks
  • Treasurer: M.F.L. Galesloot
  • Secretary:drs  M.L. Fliers
  • General board member: drs C.G.P. Peters



Recruitment of funds

The foundation raises its funds:

– contributions from those who sympathize with the purpose of RSP;
– contributions from those in whose interests the foundation works;
– subsidies from governments and funds;
– inheritance acquisitions and donations;
– revenues from RSP activities;
– any other benefits.

Remuneration policy

The board consists of unpaid volunteers. The members of the board receive no remuneration for their activities. Non-board members who cooperate voluntarily also receive no remuneration. The Remote School Papua Foundation does not employ permanent volunteers, but sometimes uses volunteers for specific recruitment purposes. If desired, they can receive a minimal fee for the work they perform. Volunteers can also donate their work to the foundation.


The foundation has an ANBI status and will annually present its annual year reports on this site and on the CBF site.

Post- and address: Athlonestraat 10, 6524BH Nijmegen Netherlands

Bankaccount: NL 34ABNA 08 14 85 5459

KvK: 71010769

Mobile number: +31642520017