Foundation name change

Soon the RSP foundation intends to change its name to “Foundation Resources for Schools in Papua”. The new name is more in line with the goals of the foundation. One … Read more

PAUD (Pre-school) School in Merauke

The school in Merauke started this year (Asmaro project). After the holidays, RSP provided the school with furniture and school materials. The parents and teachers are very satisfied, lessons can … Read more

Cooking workshop 19 march

Workshop Indonesian cooking March 19 The workshop March 19 was again very successful! The participants themselves made 3 types of sambals to take home. Sweet sambal badjak, sambal sereh and … Read more

Project Asmaro Merauke

The Asmaro project (devised by project leader Edoardo Mote) offers education to Asmat  children who live slightly outside Merauke. RSP and PJNS (Papua Youth back to school) have jointly agreed … Read more

PAUD School Wirewit Biak

The RSP foundation has supported the PAUD school in Biak with play and learning materials.  

Cooking workshop 29 may 2022

The participants of the cooking workshop enthusiastically made 6 dishes Yellow rice (nasi kuning, chicken dish (ajam masak kimirie), vegetable dish (sayur curry djawa), timpé dish (sambal goreng timpé), prawn … Read more

Donation Books4life Nijmegen

Nijmegen, April 28  2020. This year, the volunteers of the Books4life Foundation choose (among other charities) RSP Foundation. Books 4 life has donated an amount of € 3000 to the … Read more

Cooking Workshop 16 february

The cooking workshop on Sunday 16 February was again very successful. All participants enthusiastically made sambals, tasty Indian pasties, martabak telor and sajoer kuning. With the proceeds from the workshop, … Read more


BAMAS is an organization that started in 2018 in the Kelila / Kira district. This organization deals with health issues, education and economic growth / prosperity of the Papuans living … Read more

Project Kelila

Now that the Kuyawage district is equipped with tablets and solar panels and these schools are supervised twice a year by the SIL education team (Suluh Insan Lestari), opportunities have … Read more