Mission and vision

Mission and vision


The Foundation Remote School Papua is committed to the interests of a specific target group, namely the indigenous peoples of the Papua Province and West Papua in Indonesia.

• The foundation aims to: promote and disseminate knowledge of and about indigenous peoples of the Papua and Papua Province of Indonesia.
• The foundation’s goal is: to support and co-develop education and education for the indigenous peoples of Papua and West Papua.

In order to achieve its goal, the RSP Foundation works with organizations and governments. Such as: non-governmental organizations in the Netherlands and Papua and West Papua, the Indonesian government and local communities of the Papua province and West Papua. The RSP Foundation works together with organizations and foundations that pursue the same goal, among other things, with regard to the development of education. The focus here is on language teaching, teaching methods, implementation of educational projects and the facilitation of education through teaching materials.

An example: The foundation has supported the 4-year project MTB-MLE (Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education), which was carried out by the Indonesian government and NGOs, in particular SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics). See downloads Final Report Combined MTB-MLE project and www.acdp-indonesia.org.

The general project goals of the MTB-MLE project for the remote areas in Papua and West Papua were:
• Setting up community schools for the remote villages in West Papua, consisting of a pre-school and primary school, with teachers and a school board from their own community;
• Developing multilingual education, reading and writing in the native language, learning bahasa Indonesia;
• The preservation of heritage, native language of the Papuans on Papua and West Papua;
• Supporting the population in Papua and West Papua in the development towards a more prosperous society in which education has a key function. Support for multilingual education in the remote areas of Papua and West Papua, with the aim that pupils perform better, better speak Bahasa Indonesia and connect with vocational and secondary education.

The intentions of the Remote School Papua Foundation are not supported by political and religious backgrounds. The foundation acts from its own involvement. She believes that education is a prerequisite and necessity for improving economic and social conditions for the preservation of heritage and for maintaining the population of Papua and West Papua in the ever-changing environment.